Automotive & Aviation

The automotive manufacturing sector accounts for two thirds of the UK’s turnover for the manufacturing sector, with an annual turnover circa £60 billion in 2015. Employing more than 700,000 people, the sector accounts for over 10% of total UK exports and invests approx. £1.7bn each year in Research & Development.

The aerospace industry of the United Kingdom is amongst some of the largest national aerospace industries in the world, (depending upon the method of measurement,) employing over 100,000 people directly and around 250,000 indirectly with an annual turnover of circa £20 billion.

Domestic companies with a large presence in the British aerospace industry include BAE Systems (the world’s third-largest defence contractor) and Rolls-Royce (the world’s second-largest aircraft engine maker). Overseas companies with a major presence include Boeing, Bombardier, Airbus Group , Finmeccanica (Agusta Westland), General Electric (GE Aviation Systems) and Lockheed Martin,

The combination of JW Morris’ deep experience, broad capabilities and engineering knowledge across manufacturing, installation, fire alarm and wholesaling disciplines allows us to meet the safety, quality, value and service requirements of our clients in this prestigious and specialist sector of the UK industrial landscape.