Manufacturing and Process Industries

The manufacturing & process sector within the United Kingdom economy covers a huge range of industries, technologies and activities. Manufacturing is the third largest sector in the British economy after the service and retail sector.


In the last five years, the UK manufacturing sector has produced gross value added figure of close to £140bn representing 11% of the national economy. The industry also is one of Britain’s main employers, employing roughly 3 million people or 8% of the UK’s workforce.

As globalisation has gathered pace, so the characteristics of UK manufacturing have changed significantly. Much of the activity in modern day manufacturing involves high levels of technological and non-technological innovation leading to the development of new, better quality and more sophisticated products, and more innovative business models and processes.

JW Morris has particular and recognised experience and expertise across most of the principal industrial sectors of the UK economy including steel and non-ferrous metals, energy, water, chemical and petrochemical, automotive and aviation, food and beverage, healthcare and pharmaceutical, particulars of which are set out in the sector specific web page.

In addition we have worked in numerous other primary, secondary and tertiary industrial sectors including cement, paper, plastic extrusion, nickel refining and blue chip final product manufacturing plants.

Whether single or multi discipline engagements our manufacturing and process industry clients can choose from the following JW Morris in house services:

    • Steam raising plant
    • 11KV Distribution including switchgear and transformers
    • Water treatment plant
    • Industrial gases systems
    • Compressed air systems
    • Effluent systems
    • Electrical power distribution
    • Hot, cold and chilled water distribution
    • Natural gas distribution
    • Steam and high pressure hot water systems
    • Industrial cooling systems
    • Electrical balance of plant services
    • 415 V Electrical Switch panel Manufacture
    • Motor Control Panel Manufacture
    • Fire Alarm design, install and maintenance
    • Electrical Building Services
    • HVAC Building Services.