Water & Utilities

The United Kingdom benefits from a highly efficient water & sewerage system, with virtually every household having continuous access to the supply of high quality piped water and a connection to a mains sewerage system from 10 water & sewerage companies and 13 water only companies.


Since privatisation of the industry water and sewerage companies have invested £50bn in infrastructure and technology to meet regulatory and statutory requirements.
In addition to domestic requirements manufacturing industries have a huge need for water in cooling, process, cleaning, sanitation and steam generation purposes.

JW Morris has decades of experience in the Water Industry both for the primary water utility industry on pumping stations and waste water treatment works but also, by virtue of our extensive industrial client base on downstream water treatment plants serving process manufacturing industries.

Of particular value in this sector is the ability of JW Morris to offer an integrated set of in house engineering services including specialist electrical power and control panel manufacturing, industrial electrical and instrumentation balance of plant services, comprehensive M&E contracting to the built environment and fire alarm design, installation, commission and maintenance services.